Say Cheese!

77289213Drink your milk! How many of us immediately revert to childhood memories of sitting around the dinner table with mom and dad upon hearing these words? What if, instead, our moms had insisted, “Eat your cheese!”? I imagine we’d all have fonder dinnertime memories, for one.

Well, it turns out Mom would have been doing us all a great favor if she’d been a little more generous with the cheese. Evidence indicates that eating cheese is beneficial for your teeth because it is low in carbohydrates and high in calcium and phosphate. Research over the past decade suggests that cheese is not only an excellent source of calcium, which (as we all know) strengthens bones and teeth, but can also help balance the acidity levels (pH) in your mouth preventing decay. Continue reading Say Cheese!

Healthy Teeth for Happy Pets!

105863958How many of you out there have a pet? Raise your hand. Whoa, that’s just about everyone! Pets are a huge part of our lives and we love them like family members, which means that we provide them with more than just a place to sleep and an occasional bowl of grub. We give them a safe and loving environment, lavish them with attention, teach them, and maybe even buy them a sweater or two for the winter (okay, we’re pretty sure they don’t like the sweaters, but we do!).

Today, we are also more conscientious of our pet’s health and dental care needs, and since February is Dental Health Care Month for pets, too, we thought we’d give you a heads up on how to handle your furry family member’s toothy needs. Continue reading Healthy Teeth for Happy Pets!