Smiles Needs Protecting When You’re Expecting

pregnancy healthGetting ready to welcome a new member into your family is an exciting time. Between much-needed rests (sustaining a growing baby saps a lot of your energy!), you focus on all sorts of preparations. You’ll decorate the nursery, attend check-up visits and sonogram appointments with your doctor, and some unfortunate soul will be tasked with the job of putting together the baby’s crib.

In the flurry of anticipation, don’t forget to take care of your teeth and gums. It’s likely more important now than ever to keep brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist for preventive maintenance like professional cleanings and checkups. Studies suggest a link between gum disease and instances of premature births, as well as other pregnancy complications, so you want to keep a very close watch on your dental health during this most formative stage of your child’s development.

Swollen, bleeding gums are a common complaint for pregnant women, and it stems from the higher progesterone levels in your body. The increase of this hormone means your gums are more prone to irritation from plaque, which can quickly cause gingivitis. Continue reading Smiles Needs Protecting When You’re Expecting

Putting the Squeeze on Toothpaste

toothpasteAs Woody Allen says, “Everything our parents say is good is bad. Sun, milk, red meat, college…” Now, many dentists are adding toothpaste to the list. Recent articles bashing toothpaste have littered the blogosphere, and now many consumers question the necessity of the stuff. So, what’s the deal? Is toothpaste really necessary, or have we all been duped by a mass conspiracy involving our parents, the Tooth Fairy, and Colgate stockholders?

Toothpaste goes way back. In fact, Egyptians used toothpaste in 5000 BC, before the toothbrush was even invented! Even in ancient times, people were concerned with fresh breath, white teeth, and healthy gums. Ingredients like crushed bones and oyster shells, salt and herbal mints helped remove debris and leave a fresh-smelling aroma. Modern toothpastes have continued the trend, adding ingredients to help curb decay and whiten teeth to the max. Common ingredients in modern toothpastes include: Continue reading Putting the Squeeze on Toothpaste