Catch a Frog Under the Full Moon … and Other Toothache Cures

caveman smallToothaches, and attempts to cure them, have no doubt been around as long as we have. In fact, researchers discovered evidence of tooth drilling that took place more than 9,000 years ago. It seems some enterprising dentist-in-training put down his spear and picked up a crude dental drill to fix cavity-ridden molars in his fellow Neolithic man. The good news is that the process was unbelievably precise and took about minute. The bad news? No anesthesia!

Tooth Worms are Eeeeeeevil!

It was long believed cavities were caused by worms that burrowed inside the tooth and caused pain by wiggling around. The earliest reference to tooth worms was in a Sumerian text dated around 5,000 BCE.  Right up until the 18th century most people, including dental practitioners, believed that tooth worms caused decay and discomfort.

Some ancient doctors mistook tooth nerves as tooth worms, and removed them. It was the barbaric version of root canal therapy. Well, except the doctors would also take out the entire tooth. Present-day dentists try to avoid extractions because tooth roots are important to the health and strength of the jawbone. Continue reading Catch a Frog Under the Full Moon … and Other Toothache Cures

Support Your Health with Antioxidants

veggiesYour Smile, and Your Overall Health, Is Under Attack

You can’t tell it right now, but your body is under attack from free radicals.

What are free radicals? To understand that question, you need to know a little bit about the human body.

You already know your body is made of cells, and that cells are made up of molecules, and that molecules are made of atoms. You may also know that every atom is made up of two positive protons and two neutral electrons.

A free radical is an atom that’s lost one of its electrons. In this state, the atom is unstable. Its singular goal becomes stealing an electron from wherever it can find one, and that usually means taking one from another nearby atom, resulting in a chain reaction of electron-stealing known as oxidation.

If this chain reaction is allowed to continue, your health can be negatively impacted. Problems like diabetes, gingivitis, heart attack, and even cancer, have all been linked to free radicals.

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