Enjoy Stress-Free Dental Visits with These Simple Preparations

Relaxing dental visitsMany people avoid dental visits because of anxiety, stress, or fear. If you don’t like visiting the dentist, but sedation dentistry would be overkill, consider these tips:

  1. Tell the dentist and team that you don’t feel comfortable. They can do a few things to help you.
  2. Avoid caffeine before your visit.
  3. Bring an iPod to your appointment, and listen to music during your exam or procedure. Listen to soothing music before your visit, as well.
  4. Don’t fight traffic to get to your dentist’s office. Allow enough time to enjoy your drive, or take the morning off before your appointment.
  5. Ask for laughing gas (nitrous oxide) if you’re nervous.
  6. Take deep breaths as often as necessary to calm and relax your muscles.
  7. Focus on something else – plan your vacation or go through your Christmas list in your mind.
  8. Take a book, crossword puzzle, or hand-held video game to keep you busy in the waiting room and during downtime.
  9. Ask questions. The more you understand about what’s going on, the less you have to fear! Modern dentistry is amazingly gentle and minimally invasive. You might be surprised just how smoothly your experience turns out to be!
  10. Don’t eat a big meal or rich, sugary foods before your visit.