The Amazing, Disappearing Dental Insurance Benefits!

invisible manThe holidays are coming!

*rings bell*

Crowds of people run screaming down snow-covered streets.

It happens every year, and yet every year we feel as though we’re blind sighted, attacked by an unexpected intruder. So much preparation: the shopping, the cooking, the envelope-licking. Well guess what? Dental insurance providers are taking advantage of your self-induced insanity to slip out of the back door unnoticed.

We’re on to you dental insurance! And we won’t be fooled.

*Petrificus Totalus*

(Dang. Still working on our spell-casting skills.)

Here’s why we’re adding dental appointments to our list of holiday to-dos:

Yearly maximum
An insurance company will pay for a certain amount of your dental work every year. This set allowance renews annually, so even if you don’t use it all, it won’t be there next year.

The new year comes with a renewed deductible. This amount is usually around 50 dollars, and insured patients must pay it before an insurance company will begin covering procedures. If you’ve already paid this year’s deductible, make the most of your investment by scheduling treatment now.

Insurance fees
You never know what next year’s premiums or co-pays might be. Visiting in the next month ensures you’ll pay this year’s fees.

Nobody wants sudden oral problems to overshadow their holiday festivities. Visiting your dentist now means reducing the risk of a dental emergency this season.

If you let them, your insurance benefits will skip town this holiday season. Grab your benefits by the reins and ride into the New Year with a bright, healthy smile that says, “I don’t take kindly to strangers,” or the opposite of that. Don’t delay! Wise patients book their December appointments well in advance.