Putting the Squeeze on Toothpaste

toothpasteAs Woody Allen says, “Everything our parents say is good is bad. Sun, milk, red meat, college…” Now, many dentists are adding toothpaste to the list. Recent articles bashing toothpaste have littered the blogosphere, and now many consumers question the necessity of the stuff. So, what’s the deal? Is toothpaste really necessary, or have we all been duped by a mass conspiracy involving our parents, the Tooth Fairy, and Colgate stockholders?

Toothpaste goes way back. In fact, Egyptians used toothpaste in 5000 BC, before the toothbrush was even invented! Even in ancient times, people were concerned with fresh breath, white teeth, and healthy gums. Ingredients like crushed bones and oyster shells, salt and herbal mints helped remove debris and leave a fresh-smelling aroma. Modern toothpastes have continued the trend, adding ingredients to help curb decay and whiten teeth to the max. Common ingredients in modern toothpastes include: Continue reading Putting the Squeeze on Toothpaste