Attention Athletes! Shocking News About Energy Drinks

man listening to dental newsWe all know soda is bad for our teeth. You may have even done one of those experiments in third grade where you place a baby tooth in Coke overnight and witness the horrifying consequences. Well researchers have done a similar experiment with popular fitness drinks and with startling results. According to a study published in the AGD’s journal General Dentistry, energy drinks can cause 3 to 11 times more enamel erosion than soft drinks.

Here’s what went down:
Scientists immersed cavity-free teeth in a variety of popular beverages and let them fester for 14 days, which equals about 13 years of normal beverage consumption. As you can imagine, all the beverages tested caused pretty significant damage to the tooth enamel, but certain players stepped up to the plate and really knocked it out of the park. In order of ferocity: Continue reading Attention Athletes! Shocking News About Energy Drinks