Keep Smiling after 50

50 on the beachIf you’re over 50, you probably have new aches and pains every day. That’s just life. Sure, Madonna has graced the cover of AARP, but honestly, she probably has the same issues. Quality of life is the key to staying on top of your game once you’re over the hill… and a few miles down the path.

Oral health plays a big role in overall health, and overall health contributes to good quality of life. So, taking care of your mouth is important. The dentist can help keep your smile pearly white, super clean, and functioning comfortably, so you can retain your natural teeth long into your golden years, if not forever. (A dentist can even help with sleep disorders, chronic headaches, and TMJ pain!)

People over 50 should watch out for these common oral health hiccups:

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