What Does Shark Week Have to Do With Gum Disease?

While Shark Week continues to strike fear into the hearts of Americans nation-wide, we’re keeping on our eye on another, more sinister threat: Gum Disease. We think gum disease is infinitely scarier than anything a silly ol’ shark can dish.


Take a look at these statistics and tell us if you agree.

Sharks: Chances of being attacked by a shark are one in 11.5 million
Gum Disease:
Chances of being attacked by gum disease are about one in three (conservatively)

Sharks : Account for less than 1% (way less) of annual deaths
Gum Disease
: Accounts for 70% of all tooth loss

Sharks: 90% of victims will recover from a shark attack
Gum Disease:
Victims of advanced-stage gum disease may never fully recover, as there is no cure

From sharks with laser beams attached to their heads to Steven Spielberg’s bone-chilling Jaws scene (dun-unt… dun-unt… you know the one), sharks have a long-standing reputation as evil-doers. But what about gum disease? No Hollywood blockbusters there. And yet gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss, and it has been linked to such systemic illnesses as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and dementia.

Fortunately, much like you can prevent shark attacks if you keep away from oceans and aquariums, you can also prevent gum disease. All it takes is regular visits to the dentist and daily brushing and flossing. Did you just get chills? Up next: Why flossing ISN’T infinitely scarier than Shark Week!

Random facts related to this article:

  • 73% of Americans would rather go grocery shopping than floss.
  • 42% of dentists say that periodontal disease is the most pressing oral health issue
  • In 2007 there was only one casualty related with a shark attack in the world
  • Sharks can grow more than 20,000 teeth in a lifetime
  • Fear of sharks is known as selachophobia
  • Fear of teeth is known as odontophobia